Private lessons at Bayou City School of Music are available in hour and half-hour time options.  Once an instrument and lesson time are chosen, along with completing the registration process, the lesson process can begin.  

Lessons focus on a number of areas, depending on the skill level of the student.  Instructors work with students on technique, musicality, interpretation, and basic music reading skills.  

In order to see long term technical progress it is imperative students practice at home on their own.  One lesson a week, even with the best teacher, will produce little if any results over a long period of time.  Musicians must consider themselves an athlete.  The same way an athlete must spend countless hours drilling specific athletic moves, a musician must spend hours drilling their moves as well.  Whether you are learning a new instrument or vocal technique, one must practice and drill over and over to develop the proper muscle memory necessary to execute the demands of that particular instrument.  

We recommend a minimum of thirty minutes of practice and no less than five times a week.  While 2.5 hours of total practice per week is a good starting point, it is a minimal amount of time to practice and should be considered a starting point.  Students struggling to technically advance with their instrument usually have the same excuse of not being able to practice or not having enough time to practice.  This is a poor excuse for not practicing and not being able to find 2.5 hours in a 168 week is simply poor planning.  And, there is no hiding from lack of practice.  In a matter of minutes an instructor can discern whether or not a student has practiced since the last lesson.  Lack of consistent practice can lead to the termination of lessons for a given student.